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VAG Online Solutions offers you the tools you need to accurately measure your online marketing campaigns.

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Email marketing is one of the primary ways to keep in touch with your customers as well as engage prospects and leads.  Your email marketing campaigns must be perfectly customized for your different segments of prospects and customers as well as provide solutions to the questions and concerns each of your customer segments deal with.

VAG Online Solutions creates strategically planned email marketing campaigns tailored to your business strategy and goals.  We work with you together to develop strategic goals for your marketing efforts and then create a set of campaigns to achieve these goals.  Starting with the subject line all the way to the specified call to action, we will work with your company to reach the highest possible open and conversions rates.

Among other email marketing services, we can help you to:


  • Find the appropriate email marketing platform that answers your specific needs
  • Plan email marketing schedules based on your business type and marketing goals
  • Create and activate a set of auto responders
  • Select an appropriate template design for your email campaigns
  • Classify your contacts into different segmentation lists based on certain criteria and send specific email blasts to the appropriate lists of contacts to keep your blasts as relevant and personalized as possible
  • Track results and find ways for improvements

We will work with you to closely match the messages portrayed in our email blasts and landing pages with your audience’s interests and website concept. This will contribute to a high conversion rate and keep readers engaged with your business.

We treat email marketing as an ongoing conversation between you and your list.  We collect new contact information with sign up and contact forms that gather the most relevant data in order to accurately segment your list. Having this data helps us to create messages based on location, job title, or company information.


As an email marketing provider, our job is to create a message that elicits a positive response from the recipient. Through careful research and analysis, VAG Online Solutions works to enhance your message so it is received loud and clear. We create your emails with carefully chosen images and combine them with direct calls to action so your readers know exactly what to do to get the information they desire.

We also provide A/B Split testing along with analysis and reporting tools to ensure your campaign receives the best possible results.

Do You Have an Email Marketing Strategy?

If your business doesn’t have an email marketing strategy, you’re losing out on a key way to communicate with your audience.  At VAG Online Solutions, our professional email marketing team can help you create an email strategy tailored specifically for your business.

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