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VAG Online Solutions offers businesses like yours online marketing research services designed to help you attract qualified customers.

Competitor’s and Target Market Analysis at Your Fingertips

VAG Online Solutions, Inc. competitors analysis and market research

Competitors Analysis and Market Research – a sequence of activities performed to find out who your competitors are, how they act and what marketing techniques and operations they undertake to increase their market share, sales and revenue. Performing competitors analysis and market research gives your business a distinct advantage over your competition and puts you one step ahead so you could become a leader in your niche.

Target Market Analysis – a sequence of activities performed to find out who your target audience really is, what are its socio-economical and demographic characteristics, buying habits, etc… Leaning about your potential customers is extremely important as it provides you with the key data and marketing advantage that plays a crucial role in success of your marketing affords.

VAG Online Solutions does it all!

VAG Online Solutions, Inc. competitors analysis and market research

We will work to discover who your real competitors and customers are. Based on the information received, together, we will be able to develop a solid strategy and position your products or services the best way possible. This will give you a competitive advantage and the ability to grasp a leading position over your target markets.While performing this type of research is easy to do given the amount of online tools available, it’s important that you have someone to help you with analyzing the data.

We provide our customers with a variety of market & competitors research techniques

  • Online research and analysis of your competitors
  • Promotional tools and keywords used by your competitors
  • Customer surveys and feedback
  • Mystery shopping for competitor’s products / services
  • Much more!

Once this data is compiled, we will work with you to determine where your business is at the current point and how to help it stay ahead.

VAG Online Solutions, Inc. Target market research

When we provide you with an analysis of this data, you will have the information you need to create and develop new products that your customers can’t wait to buy.  It will also help you to further develop and enhance your existing products.
Our small business online marketing services expand beyond any products you are selling and can include services such as packaging and shipping methods.
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