Custom Web Development

Custom Web Development Services

At VAG Online Solutions, we build websites designed for optimal performance.

Our dedicated team of web developers are capable of programming websites in a variety of programming languages including Java, Java Script, C, C++, PHP, Zend Framework, SQL, My SQL, WordPress, CMS and many more.  We also provide our customers with the following services:

VAG Online Solutions, Inc. Custom Web Development

  • Design – We will create a custom design for your website with your message and the character of your business in mind.
  • Mobile Optimization – so your site is easily accessible on any popular tablet and smart phone, anytime, anywhere
  • Content Management –We will assist you with SEO-friendly texts, specifically prepared for your website
  • Ecommerce Development – Need to spread a word about your product or service?  We’re here to help!

Each element of our custom web development process is geared towards enhancing your customer’s experience and providing them with the tools they need to interact with your business.

VAG Online Solutions, Inc. Custom Web Development

We create your website with the end user in mind.  Our developers can create complex sites that load fast and easily guide site visitors to the information they are looking for.  We further enhance your site with colors and fonts that are appealing to the eye and match them up with high-quality graphics and images.

VAG Online Solutions works with a multitude of industries. Our team of developers can develop a custom approach for every type of business. Unlike other web development companies, we give your site individualized attention and on-going human support throughout the process to make your website stand apart from the crowd.

It is very important for your customers to feel comfortable and secure on your website and to know their personal details don’t go to unwanted places. Therefore, if you need your customers to share personal information with you, we will use appropriate security measures needed for that purpose such as SSL encryption. Our goal is to provide you with a website where your customers can find all they need at their fingertips, which will encourage them to keep coming back and remain loyal to your business.

Websites Improvement & Online Architecture

VAG Online Solutions, Inc. Create your website

VAG Online Solutions employs professionals who specialize in User Experience (UX) and online architecture. Have an existing website but not happy with the results?  We’re here to revise it, give our recommendations and improve your site to fit any specifications that are unique to your business.

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